Irish History

Who were the Bards?

The [amazon_link id=”0199561052″ target=”_blank” ]Oxford English Dictionary [/amazon_link]defines “bard” as: “an [amazon_link id=”0140254226″ target=”_blank” ]ancient Celtic [/amazon_link]order of [amazon_link id=”0199596506″ target=”_blank” ]minstrel-poets[/amazon_link],...
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Bram Stoker’s Childhood Home

The home of Dublin-born Bram Stoker, famous for authoring "Dracula," is linked to a famous feud between the Irish Earl of Charlemont and a home builder. Their feud is said to be “the” most expensive argument in all of Ireland.

Beyond The Pale

Have you ever heard someone make the statement, "That's beyond the pale!" and wondered what the phrase actually means? There are books, blogs, and musical lyrics that include this phrase, yet none truly reflect its meaning. The answer is lies in Irish history and is fairly complex.
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